Spanking Watson

Spanking Watson: A Novel (Kinky Friedman Novels)

  This book has it all, Lesbians, nuns, the mob, Nazis and home improvement. The Kinkster is up to his old tricks with a plot that is absurd, comical and hipster cool. Kinky has a problem with his upstairs neighbor, who hosts a lesbian dance class, the girls are so enthusiastic that Kinky’ ceiling is coming down. He calls in a favor from a mob boss to get it fixed, but these guys don’t exactly work fast…one night, in frustration, Kinky gets blotto and writes a threatening note, totally in jest of course, but before he can destroy it one of his friends, and a member of the Village Irregulars comes across the note and pronounces the author (unknown to the Village Irregular) as a psycho killer. Kinky covers his tracks by saying the note was left on the upstairs neighbors door, and that being as how Kinky doesn’t have any gigs with his band, The Texas Jew Boys, and he is a veritable Sherlock Holmes as an amateur detective, he is handling the case. Well, seeing as how he has backed himself into a corner, he decides to have a little fun with it. He starts by convincing all the different Village Irregulars that only he or she is Watson to Kinkys Holms and sending them all on an assignment meant to disrupt the lesbian dance instructors life. And so the antics begin.

Just as a taste, chapter 15 starts out: “Jesus Christ was the first Texas Jewboy. Of course Texas had not been invented yet, but it surely existed in the vast, hot, dusty wanderings of the Israelites, not to mention the similarity of spiritual climate between looking for a manger in Bethlehem and finding a hotel room in Dallas, It’s also true that if you put cowboy hats and colorful; bandanas on Jesus’ loyal, zealous, somewhat eccentric disciples, they all tend to look and act like Gabby Hayes.”

If you are not familiar with Kinky Freidman, he is an American singer, songwriter,novelist, and humorist,and one time candidate for Texas Governor. He led the real life Texas Jewboys band who are a bit of a satirical send off to Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, or so the rumor says. Other members of this esteemed musical outfit are Little Jewford, Big Nig, Panama Red, Wichita Culpepper, Sky Cap Adams, Rainbow Colours, and Snakebite Jacobs…..yeah, right. Perhaps their most famous song is “Get your Biscuits in the Oven and your Buns in the Bed” then again, "Asshole from El Paso" was pretty well received too. Needless to say, Kinky is all about social commentary (in a pigs eye). His books are filled with the same mix of satire, absurd comedy hipster chic grammar and a sprinkling of just the right amount of vulgarities to get you kicked of the golf course at most country clubs. Read him and enjoy.



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