They Made a Mistake

There was a boy on a mountain  and they gave him a gun.
They taught him to war and how to kill for fun.
   They taught him the knife,
    They taught him the wire.
    They taught him the advantages

    of superior fire power.


But they made a mistake
    when they were building the soldier.
        they left in his mind,
        and after a time

    his conscious began to grow bolder .

They taught him strategy
and how to fight hand to hand.

They taught him tactics
and how to live off the land.
They taught him hate,
and how to use all his senses,

how to attack and how to use his defenses

    They taught him camouflage,
    they taught him espionage,

    they taught him which gods to bless.

    They taught him suicide,
    they taught him genocide
    They even taught him how to dress.
But they made a mistake when
they were building the machine.
    They left in his heart,
    and some other good parts,

And that heart began to bleed.

Though filled with hate
and built so strong,
his heart whispered,

“This is all wrong…”

Though they gave him medals,
and honors by the dozen,

He could never belong

  to their demons coven,

For they made a mistake,

giving birth to this plague.

    they left in the love,
    and God up above

caused it to suddenly awake.

They left in his heart
and that was the part
that they never, ever,

could break.

rc (not the cola) 8/88

© 1989 Robert Carraher All rights reserved

About DirtyLowdown
I was born in Pomona, California at a very young age. I had a pretty normal childhood…or I was a pretty normal child hood if mom is telling the story. I was a paperboy who always porched , usually on the subscribers porch. I washed cars and bussed tables which left me with a life time affliction of chapped lips. I was a soda fountain jock-jerk and a manic mechanic but my first real job was as a labor organizer in a maternity ward. Then, because of the misjudgment of a judge I spent nearly 10 years in the service of our country mostly on KP duty. Our country sure turns out a lot of dirty dishes. I am a past master at pots and pans. They eventually recognized my real talent and let me wander around some very unfriendly places carrying a big radio that didn’t work. Along the way I took up the bass guitar, jotting down stories, electronic engineering and earned a degree in advanced criminal activities. I spent most of my adult life, if you can call it that, working in the I.T. industry, which I was particularly suited for since we worked in rooms with no windows. On and off I taught in colleges, universities and reform schools as a student teacher… I like smog, traffic, kinky people, car trouble, noisy neighbors, and crowded seedy bars where I have been known to quote Raymond Chandler as pickup lines. I have always been a voracious reader, everything from the classics, to popular fiction, history to science but I have a special place in my heart for crime fiction, especially hard-boiled detective fiction and noir. I write a book and music review blog for all genres at The Dirty Lowdown and another dedicated to Crime Fiction and all things Noir called Crimeways. It’s named after the magazine that appeared in the Kenneth Fearing classic, The Big Clock. There I write scholarly reviews of the classic hard boiled, noir and crime fiction books from the 20's through today. Mostly I drool over the salacious pictures on the covers. I also write for Technorati/BlogCritics where I am part of a sinister cabal of superior writers.

2 Responses to They Made a Mistake

  1. Steve says:

    I knew/ know this guy. In some ways maybe I am him!

  2. Robert says:

    A lot of us that grew up then and made the choice to support our country, right or wrong….ended up being wrong for the choice, God Bless brother

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