Whisper of the Seventh Thunder-Larry Brooks

Whsper of 7th Thunder

    I’ve said it time and time again. I don’t like apocalyptic thrillers, too sci-fi for me, too adolescent fantasy. I take it back. This book grabs you from page one and never lets go. It stands right along side Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code, and may just out do him.

    I have been hooked on Brooks since his first novel, Darkness Bound and was used to his well developed characters and his ability as a master story teller to weave a complex plot into a very believable tale. He’s done that here in spades. A love story, religious myth/fable throw in a conspiracy or two. International super power politics and some evil men with good intentions. Some good men with no intentions and you have a very good read. One of the best so far this year and maybe in a couple of years.

    Larry Brooks writes characters where you’ll find yourself hearing their voice, the inflection, the sarcasm, the pleading and other emotions you’d hear face to face with a person. You can see in your mind the facial expressions, the nervous tics, the body language, the way they shift their stance. None of these things are necessarily in the words, but they are between the lines somehow, and you start playing movies in you head as you read along. It doesn’t hurt that Brooks writes dialogue that is so complete, yet never forced. His dialogue has a rhythm and flow that invokes Elmore Leonard or James Ellroy, yet it stands apart , and doesn’t mimic them. Its his rhythm, but a nuance not many authors can maintain throughout a body of work.

   Okay, the story line without any spoilers. The prologue is not to be missed or skimmed over in order to get to the eat, it sets up the historicity of the entire book with the story of John the Divine, Google that for a little back ground, but read it nonetheless because Brooks does such a good job. Gabriel Stone loses his wife and unborn child in a plane crash that still has me suspicious. Stone was working on a novel with religious themes when he lost his wife. His wife was a true believer, and didn’t want him to write his book. In the aftermath of this tragic “accident” he floats along with his grief until one night, in rebellion perhaps, he dumps all his dead wife’s religious tomes in the lake and vows to finish his book.

   Across the globe, an Israeli computer geek builds an amazing computer devoted to cryptography and decoding or finding hidden codes in the book of Revelation. What he finds is shocking and implications straight from today’s headlines. As an aside, the technology is very real and written well, one of my pet peeves with writers who use technology in their works is that they rarely do it well or believably.

   As the book gets close to publication, two shadowy groups with shadowy intentions, emerge that do not want the book to reach the publics eye. Brooks introduces all the major players in a series of short, almost James Patterson style chapters. While all these global players are coming into focus, so does Stone in a very personal way as he measures himself against a world, and his own works that he doesn’t quiet comprehend.

   In typical Larry Brooks style, he employs a masters eye at bringing so many pieces, large and small, together. He crafted a story that you’ll be thinking about for a month or longer, once you have finished the book. I completed it two days ago, and I keep picking it back up to reread certain passages just to see if I missed something.

   Don’t miss this book and don’t wait for the movie. It’s good to see Larry back, after five years and he came back with a vengeance.


Robert Carraher
The Dirty Lowdown”

© 2010 Robert Carraher All rights reserved

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