Does Flash Mobbing Work-Author JA Konrath Explores Ways To Drive eBook Sales

Sales ranking on Amazon-The best sellers lists-for eBooks are ranked by how many sales or downloads happen in a given hour. And if you can make the top of the list, then the theory goes that that will in turn, drive sales also. Best selling author JA Konrath and coconspirator Scott Nicholson explores ways to out flank the traditional publishers and drive your eBook to the top of the list on his blog, A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing. With our participation, let’s see how this experiment works. Oh, and you can get a free bonus story. As Scott Nicholson, who is running this experiment with Joe says, It’s crazy, it’s mod, and it’s a free experiment in mass social-media psychology and book-pimping. And, if it’s any enticement, it feels a little subversive….I like subversive. Here’s the link to the blog, lets all join in.


JA Konrath and Scott Nicholson Experiment in Driving Sales Ranking


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