Bigotry, Arizona, Immigration and the Scared White Man

It has been stated to the point of cliché that prostitution is  the worlds oldest profession. I beg to differ.

Since man has been identifiable as man, the oldest profession has been migrating. Even Neanderthals took road trip for sanity. Scientists generally agree that homo sapiens came out of the north of Africa some 10,000 years ago. (don’t worry Alabama, this doesn’t mean you are descended from a black man-just an Arab) ,  From there, mankind as we know it; (us) all of the different races, cultures, religions, and political  views radiated out across the continents. Europe, Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Lower Manhattan,  across the “land” bridge, in to North and South America, Australia, etc…This reputably happened in a warm summer month, when there were no good picture shows at the drive in.  Such were the 50’s

From there, white America or at least “the western world” is about nothing if not migration.  1000-500 BC the Celts ruled South Central , not L.A., Europe ya’ll !  Well, maybe not ruled as just lived there, kind of like failed actors and writers in Ensenada.Them Celts (this was before Bob Cousey and Bill Sharman)  gave us the bronze age.  The  Germanic Tribes in northern Europe they worshiped gods like Thor, who claimed to be the god of thunder, and, frankly acted like it. .  In Northern Africa we had the Ethiopians, and the Somali empires (some of the most advanced civilizations man has ever known as well as the base of international trade), as well as the Egyptians, and the Bedouin tribes that became the Moroccans, Libyans ( Carthaginians et al) as well as the “dark white” tribes (AKA the black Irish, Basques, and trouble-making –little-bastards, and Leprechauns)  in what is now Spain, France, Portugal, and the Pyrenees  Mountains. Sometime in the dark ages (300-500 AD) the tribes started  the first documented big migration. Word has it that CNN wasn’t fully capitalized then, but the tribes went a ead with the migration anyhow, counting on word of mouth to get the, well, word out..

Germanic tribes known as the Goths were forced out of the Euro-Asian steppes (Eastern European plains) by the Huns/Mongols/Scythians/Iranian “hordes” and BP.  These German tribes known collectively as the Goths (and the inventors of terrible architecture) consisted of Vandals, Alan’s, Eastern Goths (Ostrogoths) Visigoths (Western Goths) Franks, Burundians, Wookies, and Ents, etc…These people moved from eastern Europe (and other run down parts of the galaxy) to western Europe, and even took over the Roman empire (rent was cheap then and so were the senators) because of the push from the Asian tribes and the competition for farmable land. Spain became a country of not indigenous people (Which they never had in the first place-Iberia means land of the rabbits fer Christ sake0 but of Germans and Moroccans. At the same time Spain had an infusion of what we would call Arabs (even tho’ they weren’t ethnically Arabs)-just north Africans,  (how come when you say someone is African everybody assumes black?) giving us the make up of present day Spain and southern France, which was going through it’d own “racial metamorphous”  France was at the time of Caesars Gaulish wars, mainly Celtic (gaulish) but feeling pressure from across the Rhine from the east, and the Rohr and Mosel to the north, these were the Franks and the other Germanic tribes. who assimilated the Celts, or evicted them for non payment and were in turn assimilated by the Viking Norse (Normans) Consequently France became Germans and then German again (got to love it) , and eventually fought one of the most terrible wars in history so as not to become German…err, a third time….anyhow, (but with Roman laws and Roman influenced religion, culture and laws) with an assimilated gaulish population.


And so it goes throughout Europe, and the rest of the world. Russia, started as a trading outpost, wasn’t Slavic/Russian at all, but a Viking trading station. Kiev Ukraine, became a country out of the largest population of Hebrews, that’s right, Jews, the worlds largest Jewish kingdom ever seen out side of New York City and Broadway. Word has it that you can’t find a Goldstein in the phone book today in Kiev. Most of the middle Asian Kingdoms/Sheikdoms/Etc…doms were formed my migrating Hunnish/Mongol/Scythian (Iranian) Tribes, most of Europe from Germans, Celts, Greek, Romans, Africans. 


Then the biggest migration of all. Columbus tripped across two whole new continents. Gave us a bad holiday that even congress can’t get behind. Not one two. Since then, the English, Scotts, Irish, Welsh, French, Spanish, Italian, Chez, Austrians, Portuguese, Belgians, Danes, Swedes, Norse, Finns, Lats, Letts, Rus, Bulgars, Huns, Greeks, Slavs, Serbs, Jews, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqi Arabs, Iraqi Jews, Iraqis, Indians, Pakis, South Africans ( of both discernable colors don’t ya know) Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Lao, Pilipino, Guamese, Libyans, Moroccans, Nigerians, Ethiopians, et al have migrated to these 50 states to become the dream we call America.


And now there is an out cry from the general populous, decrying the migration of Mexicans to these shores? Somebody explain this to this poor white child.


The supporters of the Arizona “law” cite the crime instituted by illegal’s. Fact: Arizona’s violent crime stats: There are facts and there are perceptions, and the Wall Street Journal points out some facts on violent crime. Bottom line: Violent crime is down, even in places like Arizona where perceptions of increased violent crime spurred passage of a politically unwise immigration law.

Arizona cites the loss of jobs: Fact, the jobs that most illegal’s do aren’t jobs that most citizens would take. Even our “poor” white children struggling to get through college won’t wash cars, hang dry wall, pick seasonal crops, or clean houses/.hotels/etc…we can get welfare and do.

The Fed doesn’t protect the borders from violent, even terrorist criminals. Fact: 40% of illegal’s crossed the border legally. That’s right, they came in on tourist or worker visas, and over stayed,. 40%. That means that of the 500,000 illegal’s that Arizona passed this stupid law to punish, less than 300,00 are border jumpers and could have been stopped at the border….legally.

Fact: Law enforcement is REQUIERED (by the Ariz. law )to question the legality of anyone reasonably suspected of being illegal. Never mind the obvious bigotry in enforcing the law, this means that if the cops let someone slide (he/she cooperated in questioning) and then that person goes on and commits another crime, that officer becomes liable in civil court. Now is that an invite for a cop (who needs little invite to abuse his power in the first place)L like a cop needs an incentive to be a hard ass. Of course he is going to act in his own best interest and get a citizen deported even if he is here legally.

Fact: I have been alive too fucking long and am not naive enough to believe in the fairness of law enforcement. I have seen the Montenards machine gunned by the Vietnamese with full power of the law to kill the only peeps that stood behind them when they couldn’t even stand.  I have seen black men kicked to death just because they were pissed at being kicked in the head. I have seen Mexicans hustled on to busses so their boss wouldn’t have to pay them for the past months work. I was a young lad and watched Kent State live on TV. Don’t ask me to believe that the police will enforce any law fairly.

Bottom line, the dirty lowdown? This law is a travesty.  This law is no better than the Jim Crow Laws of not so long ago. and possibly worse because it says DO IT.  This law is a state trying to assert state rights. Like the rights to allow businesses to deny service to anyone, ( Think white only drinking fountains) colleges to not give education to those who seek it (Remember Miss St) , to a state to deny people that want help towards a better life that right given to all the above mentioned peeps..


The real bottom line.  The real Dirty Lowdown: In my life, I have encountered many haters, may injustices, many conundrums.  I am considered pretty smart by most folks. But I don’t have an answer for a lot of those conundrums, all I can do is argue my position. Republican vs Dem, Lib vs Prog. Argue from a position of thought, heart and tolerance. But when it comes to bigotry…..Noun: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. There is just something that makes me puke. It’s a gag reflex. Can’t argue with unreasonable hate so I choose not to.


Dirty Lowdown

About DirtyLowdown
I was born in Pomona, California at a very young age. I had a pretty normal childhood…or I was a pretty normal child hood if mom is telling the story. I was a paperboy who always porched , usually on the subscribers porch. I washed cars and bussed tables which left me with a life time affliction of chapped lips. I was a soda fountain jock-jerk and a manic mechanic but my first real job was as a labor organizer in a maternity ward. Then, because of the misjudgment of a judge I spent nearly 10 years in the service of our country mostly on KP duty. Our country sure turns out a lot of dirty dishes. I am a past master at pots and pans. They eventually recognized my real talent and let me wander around some very unfriendly places carrying a big radio that didn’t work. Along the way I took up the bass guitar, jotting down stories, electronic engineering and earned a degree in advanced criminal activities. I spent most of my adult life, if you can call it that, working in the I.T. industry, which I was particularly suited for since we worked in rooms with no windows. On and off I taught in colleges, universities and reform schools as a student teacher… I like smog, traffic, kinky people, car trouble, noisy neighbors, and crowded seedy bars where I have been known to quote Raymond Chandler as pickup lines. I have always been a voracious reader, everything from the classics, to popular fiction, history to science but I have a special place in my heart for crime fiction, especially hard-boiled detective fiction and noir. I write a book and music review blog for all genres at The Dirty Lowdown and another dedicated to Crime Fiction and all things Noir called Crimeways. It’s named after the magazine that appeared in the Kenneth Fearing classic, The Big Clock. There I write scholarly reviews of the classic hard boiled, noir and crime fiction books from the 20's through today. Mostly I drool over the salacious pictures on the covers. I also write for Technorati/BlogCritics where I am part of a sinister cabal of superior writers.

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